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What is ICE-help?

ICE-help is a computerised  information service that gives the traveller, the carer, the cared for, the family - and even the pet-owner -  complete peace of mind, allowing lost items to be easily returned and also to provide emergency information about the owner of ICE-stick.

All ICE-help products have unique ID numbers, which after activation via the web site identify them as yours. Your items tagged by the tags, labels or USB can then be matched to you. If they are lost, entering the item ID in the ICE-help web site will provide information about how to contact you or other contacts to return the item. ICE-help items can be used anywhere in the world and will benefit from local connections or contacts, to be used to recover your lost goods.

The unique feature of the ICE-help USB stick is that it can store information about you, to give to health workers, for example.This information is displayed when the ICE-help software is run by inserting it into a USB in a PC type computer.

The comprehensive  ICE-help system (USB, tags and labels) assures that both you and your belongings are easily traceable and that, In Case of Emergency, your important health or other information is easily available.  


Found an ICE-help item? - What to do now?

Have you found something with an ICE-help tag, label, ICE-help USB memory stick (ICE-stick)


You need to enter the identification number of the device: the No. number on the front of the tag, or label, or ICE-stick. Please also enter your name and other relevant information in the form. Then, click on the Submit button.


Once we receive the entered information, we will give you the details of the owner and of other contacts near you, so that you can coordinate the return of the item.

Found ICE-Help

Information about the finder
Enter your phone number as:
+xx aaa bbbbbbbbbb
where +xx is the country code (including the +), aaa the area code, and bbbbbbbbb the phone number.

Information about the find and its current location