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Written by E. Napchan   
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 06:00


ICE-help USB: the ICE-stick

ICE-stick USB
£ 18.00
ICE-stick quantity:

ICE-Help tags: set of 3 tags with keyrings

ICE-help Tags
£ 4.00
Tags quantity:

Evaluation Tag
£ 1.00

ICE-Help labels

ICE-help labels

ICE-help Labels
£ 4.00
Labels quantity

ICE-Help total protection

ICE-help Total package: ICE-stick, tags and labels

ICE-help Total
£ 22.00
ICE-help Total sets:

ICE-Help combination A - USB and tags

ICE-stick USB and Tags
£ 20.00
Sets quantity:

ICE-Help combination B - tags and labels

ICE-help tags + keyrings + labels

Tags and Labels
£ 7.00
Sets quantity:

Annual maintenance

Your purchase of any ICE-help item includes a one-year subscription to and support from; a renewal fee of £5.00 will be chargeable per year afterward, for every registered user who has at least one ICE-help devices.
You will be sent a reminder in due time for the subscription renewal. Multi-annual renewal through the options on the right will give you a discount on the subscription cost.


Annual subscription
£ 5.00
Subscription period options

More info

At any time you can purchase additional ICE-help products to add to your registered account, with no additional subscription charges.

Use the Contact us page to ask additional questions about our products, and to be included in your mailing with news about products release dates and additional features to be added to the ICE-Help products.

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