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Written by E. Napchan   
Monday, 13 July 2009 11:37

The ICE-help USB (our ICE-stick) allows you create an individual profile with critical information In Case of Emergency, which it stores in its memory. In fact, any information YOU decide to show that you feel is important while travelling or, heaven forbid, would be essential In Case of Emergency.

It also allows you to download from the ICE-help web site information relevant to your current travel plans, as it is stored for any other tagged items. 

The ICE-stick operates in a stand-alone manner, without the need for an internet connection. Once the internal program is run, the information is presented on the computer screen.

In addition to the stand-alone operation, the ICE-help USB stick also has an ID that can be used to get information about its owner from the web site, just as in the case of the other products: ICE-help tags and labels.

ICE-help USB: the ICE-stick
ICE-stick USB
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