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What information is given to the finder?

This page displays an example of the information that will be shown to the finder of an ICE-help item. A unique feature of ICE-help is that the information given depends on the date that the item is found, and can provide local people that the finder can contact to arrange the return of the found item.

The first image shows the information given when the ICE-help owner did not enter any specific location or contacts. Just the general travel information and the details of any general contacts are given to the finder.

The following 2 images highlight one of the unique features of ICE-help: because at different times people are at different locations, it is possible to define a range of dates for any location, and also to specify contacts that will be used when that location is "active".

From these images it can be seen that the information presented to the finder varies and is based on the global information entered by the owner. Furthermore, the display is relevant to the date and location that the item was lost, allowing the finder in each case to contact the owner or its contacts in the most direct way.