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ICE-stick USB - Emergency information display

The presentation below shows the screens that are presented to whoever runs the ICE-help USB software, for displaying Emergency information about the owner.

  • ICE-help USB EN info top
    ICE-help USB EN info top
    The image shows headings for the emergency information that can be entered in the USB software, and an example of medicines taken.
  • ICE-help USB EN info bottom
    ICE-help USB EN info bottom
    In addition to the medical information for use in an Emergency, other contact and owner information should be entered, when the ICE-stick is lost.
  • ICE-help USB FR info
    ICE-help USB FR info
    Information can also be entered in French, if that is the language that the people attending the emergency speak.
  • ICE-help USB SP info
    ICE-help USB SP info
    Spanish is a third language in which information can be recorded.