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For larger items - hold and hand luggage, lap-top bags and so on -  we recommend using ICE-help tags.  Use this, too, as a key fob, for your home and car keys.

Smaller items (and often the most valuable) like cameras, 'phones, portables need only the super-resilient ICE-help Label - impossible to remove and, by using sophisticated printing technology, impossible to erase.

Additional tags and labels, with an unique ID linked to you, can be bought at any time and added to your ICE-help subscription.

ICE-help tags are designed to be highly visible and convey a clear message.
The back of the tag gives instructions to finders, along with the ID that is used to identify the owner.
Four (4) different methods can be used by the finder to report his find, including a call to the ICE-help call centre, which will in turn contact the owner.
ICE-help tags + keyrings
ICE-help Tags
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Evaluation Tag
£ 1.00

You can get a FREE evaluation tag if you enter the special code that appears in the home page...