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How ICE-help works

ICE-help comes as tags (for luggage, keys, personal items),  pet tags (for animals), labels(for equipment, personal items) and as a USB device (for people, equipment) - the digital id, a memory stick that we call an ICE-stick.

In addition to the types described, we offer various combinations of these products for total protection. All products function as an on-line tagging, tracking and identity service that facilitate the return of any lost item. 

Each item allows the finder of a lost item to connect with the owner (or his/her local contacts) via web (this web site) or by sending an SMS message. Each ICE-help item has a unique ID number, which allows the identification of its owner. Accessing the on-line information about the owner can be done from computer or web-enabled 'phone and because the id number is UNIQUE to the owner, whether a traveller, a vulnerable person or a pet, even, the peace-of-mind that ICE-help affords family and friends is invaluable.   

In addition to the tagging options, as in the ICE-help labels and tags, our flagship product the ICE-stick (ICE = In Case of Emergency), does much more than tagging:

it allows any third party quick and direct access to information that might be critical at the time - medication, allergies and so on.

it serves as an excellent tool to up-date plans and  travel itineraries, for example. 

it can securely store copies of important documents, which will only be accessible to the owner

The ICE-stick can be used in any number of situations but comes into its own  where peace-of-mind is the main concern.  Whether you are taking a class on a school trip or caring for a vulnerable person, the ICE-help stick allows quick on-line access to information, which can save precious time  to help the carrier of the device.

With very modest annual subscription fees, which maintains the service availability and the quick contact with owners of ICE-help items, ICE-help is indispensible for the traveller, the carer and the vulnerable.  

The buttons at the top of the page, as well as the menus on the left, present the various options available for ICE-help. Click on any of them to find out about the product. You can use the Contact us page to ask additional questions about our products, and to be informed about other products release dates and additional features to be added to the ICE-Help products.