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Create ICE-help messages

ICE-help messages

Messages to be displayed by ICE-help Tags and Labels are created after registering the tags/labels in this web site.

Messages to be displayed by ICE-stick (ICE-help USB device) are created using the program included in the usb  itself, by going into Edit mode (a special code has to be entered to allow editing, which is given to the original owner). Finders of a device will be likely unable to modify the information stored in the device.

In the ICE-stick two types of message can be displayed to the finder:

1. a message with contacts information which is displayed when running the ICE-help application on the USB (called ICE-help.exe)

2. a web page which is created whenever the contents of the ICE-stick is changed, and which displayes the same messages as 1, but in a web browser. In this way, the user does not have to run any program, in case he/she is worried about viruses. The web page, on the ICE-stick, is called ICE-help.html.