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ICE-help USB security checks

Comprehensive security

The ICE-help software installed on the ICE-help USB stick is protected by strong methods that will detect any unauthorized  changes that could be carried out, either by someone with malicious intent or unknowingly by the owner or finder of the ICE-stick.

For this reason, it is important that no files are added or removed from the USB device, except by use of the ICE-help administration program.

Protection against replacing the files

In this case, the original files could be replaced by files with the same name, but they will not be able to run the built-in security checks.

To protect the owner/finder against changes to the software in the ICE-help device, it is possible to run an on-line security check, that will verify the files on the USB without loading them into the computer. The files will be read byte by byte, and their values checked. The owner will be informed about any changes detected, and how to proceed with further use of the ICE-help stick.

Dealing with possible security problems

If the security check detects a problem with any of the ICE-help files, it will terminate the program and issue an error message with an error code. If this happens, do not use the ICE-stick further and contact ICE-help for instructions on what to do. Depending on the the error encountered, we might be able to send you alternative files, or we might decide to replace the  ICE-help stick with a new one.